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Also known as butcher block, wood countertops are a great choice for a work surface, offering warmth and texture with a heat resistant surface. They are easy to sanitize and naturally kill bacteria. With proper care, they will look gorgeous for years to come.   We also offer custom wood tops – any size, shape or form. 

Maple is arguably the best wood for butcher block countertops, especially when you consider that it’s one of the cheapest. It’s a light colored hardwood with a clear and uniform grain.

If you want a rich red hue for your countertops have a look at red oak. While not quite as hard as maple, it’s more than strong enough for your kitchen work surface.

Walnut offers a deep rich hue. While not as durable as Maple or Oak, it is truly visually striking.

A hickory countertop is the perfect surface for a kitchen both in look and function. It’s a very hard wood and the color variation it offers is unique among woods.

As John Boos & Co. celebrates over 125 years of continuous business, we stand with strength built on a block of American history. The well recognized gourmet Boos Block ® brand has become significant to our heritage and reputation. Commitment to managing environment matters is an integral part of our business practice. It is our policy to ensure the environment integrity and consideration of our processes and facilities at all times. We maintain a high standard of recognition in treating our environment with respect while manufacturing our product. Click here for more information.

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